Phase 1 habitat survey- Identifying the Beauty of Various Habitats

Phase 1 habitat survey- Identifying the Beauty of Various Habitats

Habitat Survey involves the study, mapping, and identification of critical wildlife habitats on any surrounding area and a site. Undertaking such kind of nature survey is a baseline method that is vital for assessing the ecological significant habitat features of the plot of land, property, and established area. This helps to inform the necessity for any additional survey work. The phase 1 habitat survey is the UK ecologists industry standard of classifying and mapping of the British habitats and in agreement with the JNCC (Joint Nature Conservation Committee).

Phase 1 habitat survey Steps Taken

During the study, there is a record made of the essential ecological habitat features that can easily be indicated as the target notes of importance on the site observations. Such habitat features include the rare animals and plants, ancient are hedgerows and all these are well illustrated in the phase 1 survey map.

The Typical Process involves:

  • The phase 1 habitat survey typical process starts with:
  • Site Survey: This includes the ecological evaluation of the site habitats
  • Phase 1 Habitat Map: This consists of the detailing of the significant valuable environmental sites and the habitat types.
  • Ecological Assessment Report: This includes the production of evaluation report according to JNCC standard classification of phase 1 habitat survey

Details of phase 1 habitat survey types

The phase 1 classification of survey compromises of 10 broad and high-level categories of (A-J) and they include:

A: Scrub and Woodland

  1. Marsh and Grassland
  2. Fen and Tall herb
  3. Heathland
  4. Mire
  5. Inundation, marginal and swamp
  6. open water

B: Coastland

  1. Waste and Exposure
  2. Miscellaneous

Among all these features, 155 specific habitat types are recognized, and each has its name with an alpha-numeric code, mapping colour, and description.

Purpose of phase 1 habitat survey

  • The Nature conservation is entailed in the preservation of the animals, wild plants, semi-natural and natural habitats. The primary purpose of the Phase 1 Survey is to show the nature of these different habitats their extent, location, and distribution.
  • The well-detailed information on colored maps, statistics, and target notes helps the conservationists and the planners to ease their work in nature conservation of wildlife corridors and the stepping stones. This also helps to show the sites that have more wildlife value and the relationship that’s between them is well displayed in the phase 1 survey Mapping.
  • The collected information offers various uses for the conservationists since it provides an objective outline basis that helps to determine the sites warrant. The possession of the Phase 1 report helps to strengthen the authorities’ attitudes and improves the planning applications for the conservatives of the threatened habitats.

The phase 1 habitat survey is a broad one with species coding that helps to reflect the conservation interests of various habitats defining their unique features.

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