All about Japanese Knotweed Removal

Japanese Knotweed is the number one invasive weed in the UK today. It grows by up to 5 inches a day and it is dangerous to people’s businesses and homes. The weed resists composting and it invests any type of building it comes across in just a short period of time. Employing accredited professionals can help remove the weed in a fast and effective manner.

Banks refuse to issue loans or mortgages against properties with Japanese Knotweed and buyers require knowing that the weed has been removed by an accredited Japanese Knotweed Specialist. The weed causes damage to hard surfaces including driveways, patios, conservatories, walls as well as outbuilding which can cause huge losses.

All about Japanese Knotweed Removal

A removal specialist provides detailed plans on how the weed will be removed backed by warranty. Approved specialists are required to comply with strict standards and hence you can rest assured that the weed will be removed permanently.

The weed is easily recognised. In autumn it takes the form of a lush green plant with heart shaped leaves and a bamboo like stem. The weed grows rapidly (2cm per day) and spreads in all directions. It also survives composting and lives many years. If you are trying to sell your property and surveyors find a Japanese Knotweed in the property, the purchase can be delayed or even cancelled.

It is important to choose a trusted Japanese Knotweed Removal company that is equipped with quality equipment to remove the weed.The professionals first inspect your property to detect the existence of the weed before conducting a chemical spray of the property. The infested area is then treated to ensure that the weed does not re-infest. Infested materials is then transported and disposed according to the safety standards of your region. An accredited company usually provides a warranty for the services offered ensuring you get effective results.

The removal services are not expensive since they are designed to suit the particular situation of your property. There are packages for both commercial and residential properties large and small properties. Employ the services of a trusted Japanese Knotweed Removal specialist and ensure that your property is completely free of the dangerous weed.

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