Legal advice is must in drink driving cases

Legal advice is must in drink driving cases

In the majority of the cases, drink driving offenses are caught by Police and held in police custody. In this situation, it is likely that offender will be bailed to appear in front of the Magistrates Court to be charged, but the case needs to be sober enough to co-operate.

As soon as the convict is informed of the drink-driving hearing, he should contact his drink driving solicitor. He will help you to prepare a healthy defense case. Meanwhile, the convict can consider the best approach to fight the case and think about special reasons why his drink driving charges could be reduced or overruled.

To handle drink-driving case, one needs to render services of drink driving solicitors, who possesses expert approach to defending drink driving charges in Court.

Drink driving solicitors offer various legal advice with transparent pricing, usually, starts from the very first appointment. The drink driving solicitor understand your troublesome situation and also available to you with legal assistance and support 24/7. To them, their clients are the first priority, and they prepare you for Court and gives the best chance of success to the clients.

According to solicitors, more people are aware of their rights and also knows about the drink driving laws, the better the outcome tends to be. Pleading ‘guilty’ isn’t the only option whilst attending the hearing. This is why solicitors for drink driving explains people about their rights when fighting the case in Court.

The apparent approach of solicitors helps the people who are facing drink driving charges, at whatever stage they are. They work together with their client by finding and presenting an evidence-rich case that results in a reduced prison sentence or driving ban. This helps the offender to get his life back on track sooner than he expected.

Can a driving ban can be avoided of the driving is done in case of emergency?
Where a person is convicted of an offense involving an obligatory driving disqualification like driving with excess alcohol, carries a minimum mandatory driving disqualification of 12 months. The court may, for ‘special reasons’ and if they see fit, order an exclusion for a shorter period or decide not to disqualify at all.

These special reasons for not to disqualify could include:
-The journey being embarked due to an emergency and driver needs to satisfy the court with evidence, then a driving ban may be avoided.
-Being guilty of driving with excess alcohol as a result of a driver’s drinks being lace up with alcohol without their knowledge.
-Moving the vehicle to prevent a risk or an accident. If a driver was under extreme duress and fleeing for their life, this could be a particular reason not to disqualify by the courts upon conviction of drunk driving.
-Nevertheless, the laws regarding special reasons are very complex and complicated. The expert legal advice of drink driving solicitors and their representation is very crucial in this circumstances too.