Your Must-Know Facts on the Free Boiler Grant Scheme


The Free Boiler Grant Scheme is part of the 2016 government-funded energy efficiency scheme throughout the UK for households under the Energy’s Company Obligation (ECO) scheme. The project works to see the government working with the energy companies to reduce the energy used in homes by making them energy efficient.

Energy suppliers will install a free replacement of an energy boiler in the qualified homes. As part of the scheme is the ‘Affordable Warmth’ obligation also known as the Home Heating Cost Reduction Obligation (HHCRO) which aims at reducing fuel poverty across UK households. Under this scheme, the companies in the UK will be
required to make energy costs more affordable for the low-income families.

In this regard, the energy firms are the most significant contributors to the scheme as part of the Affordable Warmth Group.

Who qualifies?

Since its inception, the grant has brought over a million of households in the UK under this scheme
hence enabling them to get free replacement and insulation. To get cover, one needs to be to be a permanent resident of the property. Also, he/she should be a beneficiary of the child tax credit, pension credit, working tax
credit, job seekers allowance, universal credit or employment allowance.

Additionally to the above criteria, the household income of the working-age residents should not exceed £16,000. Secondly, the property should be massive enough to generate sufficient savings from installing the boiler. Lastly, there must be a current old (about ten years) low-efficiency boiler present that should be replaced. This is because the replacement of the boiler should be of significant efficiency difference to prompt the action.


By taking the step to apply for a replacement grant for the oil boiler in your household, this could save
you up to 300 pounds in a year. So by taking the step and applying through the online forms, you will be a step closer to landing the grant and replacing that old boiler.